About FDSR

Founded by Amy Giblin, we are a small "grass roots" group dedicated to saving strays, abandoned, and abused animals. We also "pull" animals from several local shelters, mostly animals that have hours left before euthanasia. Most of those animals pulled from the shelters are requests from the shelter directors and coordinators. WE DO NOT take any owner surrendered animals as it is our philosophy that since there are plenty of other rescue groups that will take those animals, we will help those who need us most.

Because we want to be certain the pets that we rescue are adopted into loving homes where they are part of a family, we require all potential adopters to complete our adoption application. Additionally, all potential adopters are interviewed prior to being allowed to adopt. All adopters must sign a contract stating that they will care for the animals, provide regular vet care, etc.  We want to insure that our rescued pets don't end up back on the streets or in a shelter.